Of Dice and Contestants


In Dicey Dungeons you take on one of various contestants in a game show hosted by Lady Luck herself. You are playing to try and win something different depending on the contestant.



There are a total of six different contestants that you can play as, each with different mechanics for how they fight. You start with only the warrior and unlock more as you make your way through the dungeon.

  • Warrior - The warrior is your basic hero. He doesn't have a lot of frills and embodies the high rolls win it all mentality of most games.
  • Thief - The thief is all about low rolls. You start with a dagger, which can only be used on rolls of 3 and below.
  • Robot - The robot has a set total amount you're trying to roll each turn. Similar to playing a game of blackjack you get to decide how many dice you want to roll to try and hit the jackpot, giving you an extra ability that turn. But if you go over, you can no longer use your equipment.
  • Inventor - The inventor uses a piece of equipment after each battle to turn into an invention. This is an ability that doesn't have a dice cost and can be used each turn.
  • Witch - The witch has six learned spell slots, and four possible prepared/use slots. Each of the learned spells is related to a die roll, and in order to add them to your use slots, you have to spend a die of the correct roll. You start with one prepared slot and can earn more by leveling up so that you don't have to waste dice on getting new abilities in a use-able state.
  • Jester - The jester a deck full of equipment that is shuffled up every turn. Can earn special equipment that is only use-able after running completely through your deck of equipment in one turn.


Every turn you roll however many dice you currently have. You use those dice in order to use your equipment and do damage.


Each of the contestants and enemies have different types of equipment that they can use. These make up the bulk of the abilities that you can use on any turn. These range from damage/debuffs to healing/buffs and also have a variety of different elements to them.


Each enemy has it's own set of equipment. They also often have elemental weaknesses or strengths based on the theme of the character. A snowman for example is most likely weak to fire type equipment and will have mainly ice type equipment.


Each time you enter the dungeon it will be a little different. The dungeon always has six floors, but each floor will have different enemies, layouts, and equipment to be gained.


Every contestant has six episodes. The episodes are different challenges related to the contestants. Sometimes it'll be just a straight debuff that you have to deal with throughout the entire dungeon, other times it's something like all status effects and equipment work differently. These episodes really mix things up to help keep the game interesting.

Final Thoughts

Dicey Dungeons is an extremely fun rogue-like game. It revolves around the use of dice and is extremely RNG heavy which can be really frustrating, but most dungeon runs only take 15-20 minutes. A bad RNG run or when you're first learning can end a lot quicker than that though, so it never feels too brutal to have lost. It also has a lot of variety with the contestants/episodes systems so doesn't feel like it gets old too quickly even with the short runs. I highly recommend giving this game a shot, especially if you're a fan of the genre.

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