Building PCs Digitally

Everything I didn't know I wanted in a PC building simulator


Player Level

Like most games, you have a player level. Every job you complete gives you experience. Every job sent to you requires either a specific level or rating. Your player level also unlocks new parts and


Every job you complete gives you a rating. This is mostly based on if you did what they asked that was required, but also if you included any special requests that weren't required. Sometimes you'll get a computer that wants a part upgraded, but also it's been running slow lately (meaning they have a virus), or that they specifically like orange cables in their computers. Completing the related tasks ( running a virus scan, changing cables, etc) will bump your review rating up from that request.


Repair missions are normally extremely straightforward. They tell you what's wrong with the computer and you replace the specific component.

Diagnose & Repair

Diagnose & Repair missions are a little more difficult than the regular repair missions. You have to figure out exactly what's wrong before you can order the parts.


Some of these can be super dumb, people want the best, but don't want to spend the best money, so you have to be super careful and plan out what to buy them before accepting the request.

Final Thoughts

This game is super enjoyable. As someone who loves building computers and learning more about the craft, but can't afford it, this has been a great way to be able to do it more. There are some things that are completely simplified for the sake of the game, but otherwise they've done a really good job of giving the feeling of getting to work with computers. If you've ever wondered more about how hardware choices are made, or just want to mess around and build computers using parts that are super expensive, I highly recommend picking this game up.


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